Why is it Easier For Some People to Have Faith?

Is there a simple answer why some turn to God and others don’t?

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I ultimately learned there was more to God. And there was more than one path to Him.

Once I grew up and married, I spent a lot of time in the Baptist church when we moved to Mississippi. The Baptist church was so different from the Catholic church. People were seemingly much kinder and warm.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

God knows we sin. It’s human nature. So He sent His son to stop all of those manmade rules and showed His love for us anyway.

Then there’s American evangelicalism. Unfortunately, American evangelicalism has taken over the Church.

And its tenets have spread well beyond the boundaries of typical evangelical churches.

But, God’s love is so much bigger than the imperfections created by man’s distorted views of religion and faith.

My path to God was different than those taught in a church building.

Though I won’t ever close the door to worshipping inside a church building, I’ve learned that faith is much more than that.

I’ve also learned that God’s church is not a building. It’s humanity itself — living our faith out in the world through the example of His son, Jesus. Showing mercy, kindness, forgiveness, and love in a world that so desperately needs it.

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So, why is faith easier for some than others?

I think there is no easy answer.

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There are three major reasons why I believe some find it easier to have faith in God than others do.

  • People look to man instead of to God. Many people grow disillusioned with the church. The current Christian climate isn’t helping things. So many in the church are not representing God accurately. There’s not enough love, acceptance, and tolerance in the Christian world right now. And if something makes me angry or upset, it’s that. Because as a Christian, I feel we bear a responsibility to the world and to God to show a full representation of Christ’s love. Some look at man’s rules instead of God’s love. Some have been hurt in the church and don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. I have loved ones who’ve been hurt in the church and turned away from God in part because of it. When some lose faith in other people, they lose their faith in God as well. But, our faith should never rest with man. It should only be placed in God.
  • They become disillusioned with the world. Let’s face it. Bad things happen. It’s easy for anyone to wonder where God is when mass shootings occur, when we lose loved ones, or life just generally sucks all the time. But, we need to remember that much of the bad things on Earth are because of the choices of people. And the rest is just life. Life is a natural continuum of living and dying. It’s just the way things are. But, for those who have faith, they believe death is not the end. There are good forces and bad forces at play. But, the way I look at it, I continue to have faith because I believe that it’s not only good for my soul, but it’s necessary for the rest of humanity. If all the seeds of faith suddenly disappeared tomorrow, where would the world be? Hopelessness would suddenly pervade society. And, while many people feel hopeless, something keeps most of them going. I believe it’s a small seed of faith that hasn’t yet been embraced.
  • Ego gets in the way. I’ve often been told by atheists and agnostics that Christians and others who have faith in God are unintelligent and can’t think for themselves. Now, you know, I may not have a 160 IQ. But, I’m no dummy either. But, it does take a certain amount of humbling yourself to have faith. Because having faith is ultimately saying, ‘I don’t understand this, but I’m going to believe it’ll work out.’ It says, ‘it’s okay that all of my questions and reservations aren’t answered. I’ll wait and have trust.’ It’s saying, ‘I don’t know everything and that’s ok.’ Ego says, ‘I’m better than someone else.’ It says, ‘I’m right and they’re wrong.’ It says, ‘I’m never changing.’
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Most of us would rather that the world would not suffer. And those feelings can only please God. He wouldn’t want us to celebrate or rejoice at the sufferings of others.

It’s okay that we’re human and have questions, have doubts, and experience crises of faith. It’s okay to say we don’t understand.

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Is faith easy?

Nothing worth having is easy. It takes commitment and we have to work at it. Whether or not to have faith is a choice that everyone eventually makes. And because we decide to go for it doesn’t mean that we never falter in that faith.

Instead, I’ll have faith and hope that someday all would know of God’s abounding love.

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